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Here are the answers to the more frequently asked questions!! We hope this helps!
Q: How old does my teen need to be to start a driver's education program?
For the classroom portion of the program, a student MUST be 15 years and 9 months old.
For the on-road portion, a student must be 16 years old and posses a vaild permit.
Q: Does my student have to wait till they complete the classroom portion to be able to begin the on-road portion?
No. As long as they are 16 years of age and posess a valid permit they may begin the on-road portion of the program.
Q: When is my student eligible and can schedule their road exam?
You may begin the process of scheduling a road exam once all of these criteria are met:
       1. Student has completed a full driver's education course and certification has been processed at the RMV. You may check certification by visiting the forms and policies page located on this site. (if under 18 years old)
        2. Student has held a valid permit incident free for 184 days. (if under 18 years old)
        3. Alternative/Off hour tests require the student to be eligible 2 weeks prior to proposed testing date
Q: What is the difference between the "Traditional" road exams and "Alternative/Off hour" road exams?
"Traditional" road exams are booked Monday-Friday during the normal business hours at the Registry. These times are typically very busy with a lot of traffic in and out of the RMV at that time. Also with the traditional tests, most of the time this will require a student to be dismissed from school thus missing school times and often can disqualify them for certain after school events such as sports and whatnot.  Lastly, traditional tests typically take 4-8 weeks to schedule.

"Alternative/Off Hour" testing takes place outside of the typical hours the RMV is open. These tests are aimed at Saturday or Sunday mornings but can fall on weeknights if no examiners are availible on the dates requested. The advantage here is that there is less RMV traffic, the general feel of the test is more relaxed, and students are less likely to miss out on school. One big advantage of these tests are the wait times are nearly cut in half to get these test dates. Typically this will be the fastest way for us to get you a license test. Here is a breakdown on how these tests work:
         We submit a list of students and request a particular date in the future.
         This list is submitted 2 weeks in advance of our "target" test date.
         The RMV will check the availibilty of examiners for that "target" date and return to us an approval of that date, or an alternate date that the examiner has availibility. This may fall within a few days prior or after the requested "target"date. They may deny the list completly and "bump" it up a week.
         When you select this style test please keep in mind that there needs to be some flexibility in your schedule to accomodate this process. Although we are usually able to remove someone from this date, they (RMV) may deny that request and charge cancellation fees especially as the test date nears. Sooner is better to request these changes to be made.
         Once we submit this list for approval, during those 2 weeks till the test date we ask that you DO NOT try to book any OTHER test and ONLY do what is instructed by our staff duing this timeframe. Anything done with the RMV during this timeframe, besides prepaying for the test time itself, may diqualify you from this test and ultimately remove you from this test completely.
Q: What is the $85 fee that I have to pay to the RMV when selecting ANY license test package?
The $85 fee covers the following:
       $35 covers any license test the RMV does. This is their testing fee.
       $50 covers the cost of the actual plastic license. When the student passes their exam the examiner will stamp their permit. The permit will then be able to act as a license until the plastic one is sent by mail to the mailing address entered in the application for that said test.
       If the result of the test is a fail, the RMV will charge an additional $35 for each additional test needed till that student passes. (not $85)
Q: How many hours outside of Driver's Ed. does my student need to drive with a proper sponsor?
Students are required to achieve 40 hours of driving with a proper sponsor. A proper sponsor must meet this criteria:
             Must be at least 21 Years of age
             Must have had a valid license for at least one year
             Must fulfill any restrictions on their license (i.e. if they have to wear corrective lenses)
             MUST BE SOBER!
Q: My student completed classroom at a different school. Can he/she take road lessons with Townsend Auto School?
ABSOLUTELY! A student can separate the individual portions of the course (Classroom portion/Driving portion) between different school. It is difficult (requires RMV approval) to separate individual DRIVING hours or class sessions.
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